Lampshades – Page 5 – Shades at Grays


Buy a beautiful lampshade and enhance your home with a bespoke light shade or table lamp.

We're all used to using cushions and throws to add colour and interest to a room - and now you can do the same with your lighting.

In this section choose your favourite fabric and from the same page pick the size of shade you would like. I stock a variety of patterns and colours but if you can't find one that works for you I'm happy to help source a fabric, or use one supplied.

I stock a range of shade sizes and shapes including tapered shades, drums and barrels.

If you're looking for a ceiling or pendant light than I suggest a medium to large drum or barrel is often the perfect choice.

Table lamp shades vary. There is no science involved when it comes to proportions - but often a medium tapered shade or drum will suit a medium lamp stand. While a large tapered or large drum will suit a large light base or floor stand.

I have a limited stock of extra large lamp shade sizes that you can find here: Extra large light shades.

There are guides to choosing the right shade in 'Resources and guides'.