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Light Ring Size Guide

Guide to picking the right light ring size

A lamp shade needs to be attached to a lamp base (or a ceiling fitting) and secured in place. This is usually done by placing the ring holder, that is the middle part of the light shade frame, over the neck of your lamp base.

The ring holder must be the right size to fit the size of the neck on your lamp base. See photo below.

Ceiling or pendant fittings work in a similar way.

The majority of light fittings on a base or ceiling light come in 2 sizes.

Luckily, the ring holder on the lampshade frames that I stock come in 2 sizes too :)

Size 1 = Bayonet Bulb Fitting

Rather than getting the measuring tape out, if your base or ceiling pendant fits a bayonet bulb then you will want to choose the bayonet bulb fitting option.

Size 2 = Screw Bulb Fitting

If your base or ceiling pendant fits a screw bulb then you will want to choose the screw bulb fitting option.

If in doubt, choose the bayonet bulb fitting as most of my lamp shade frames come with a wee plastic adaptor that makes them suitable for either size. See photo below or watch this video

Occasionally, fittings may vary. This generally happens with American harp style table lamps, or antique style lamps.

Attaching your light shade

  • Undo plastic or metal screw fitting on your light base or ceiling light
  • Place light shade ring holder over the neck of the light base fitting
  • Screw the plastic or metal fitting back on to the neck of the stand or ceiling light to firmly secure the light shade.
  • Add bulb.  Guide to using the right light bulb.

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Guide to selecting bayonet or screw bulb fitting