Why buy a fabric lampshade? – Shades at Grays

Why buy a fabric lampshade?

Think lampshades. Now take a look around any home - yours, a friend's, even those on television - and suddenly you'll notice that most of the lampshades are plain and neutral colours.

For some reason lampshades have become the forgotten item in home decor.

It's led to a restrictive range of lampshades on offer, particularly at the main retail stores.

But really there's no reason for them to be dreary or drab. A beautiful fabric shade with an eye-catching pattern can greatly enhance a room and become your hero piece - the item that stands out and connects furniture and decor.

Ideally, to pick a hero lampshade that will work for your room, it's a good idea to create a mood board, with the colours and fabrics you already have.

This can provide you with a great overview of the room's character and tone. It really helps the decision about what colour would work well on your shade.

Do you want matching or a contrast colour? Does your room cry out for texture or a bold pattern? What colours and patterns attract you? If you live with someone or a family, what patterns and colours can your partner and / or children live with? Do they get any say?

Once you've had a think about these points, you're in a good position to pick a fabric for your shade.

Browse the options in 'Lampshades' on this site or, take the plunge and visit other fabric stores to see what they have.

On this website you'll find a range of available fabric lampshades and some fabric samples. But this is a small fraction of the fabric that's available to buy in New Zealand and there's a range of pricing to choose from. I'm more than happy to use the fabric you pick to make a hero lampshade.

The most suitable fabric is cotton, linen or a blend. It is possible to work with polyester, but this takes longer and may not create a 100% perfect outcome.

If you'd like more guidance on fabric, colour and texture please don't hesitate to get in touch.