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Designer Fabrics

Sometimes it's worth indulging in a little bit more!

This selection of designer fabrics brings together some of my very favourite patterns from my favourite designers so that I can handmake beautiful fabric lampshades for your home.

I hope you will love these timeless classics as much as I do. They have been chosen because:

  1.  They look damn good on lampshades
  2.  A fabric lampshade in one of these designer fabrics will be something very special for your home
  3. I finally couldn't resist indulging in some of these fabrics and wanted to share them with you.

This selection of fabrics differs from my stock of standard fabrics in the main lampshade page because they come from named designers - names many of you will be familiar with such as William Morris and Kaffe Fassett.

The other difference is a small increase in price, compared to my standard fabrics. My goal with Shades at Grays is always to offer beautiful lighting that is distinctive and special but won't break the bank.

That value for money goal still remains for this section but of course designer fabrics cost me a little more to stock and that extra price is reflected in this collection.

I so think it's worth it - and I'm sure many of you will appreciate these extra options.

Additional Lampshade Sizes Available

In this section of my bespoke lampshade making store I am offering a wider selection of light shade sizes. In particular there are more straight sided lampshades to choose from as well as eight different tapered lampshades.

Please see the photos for an easy visual guide to the lamp shade dimensions I can now offer.

They can each be selected in the 1st drop down menu 'Pick a lampshade style and size' on any of the fabric pages.

If you would like a size of lampshade that is offered in this section, but for one of my standard fabric lampshades please don't hesitate to get in touch with Sue at