Lampshade Size Guide – Shades at Grays

Lampshade Size Guide

I stock 8 different sized light shade frames. These make up my standard stock.

I also have 4 extra large light shade frames which I keep in small numbers.

Standard stock

My standard stock offers a wide range of sizes and shapes. Choose from tapered, drum or barrel. Small, medium or large.

These suit a variety of table lamps.

The large tapered shade suits large table lamps or floor stands.

All but the large tapered light shade can be used as pendant or ceiling lights because of their versatile swing 'arm' mechanism.

Extra large shades

These shades are great for tripod stands and floor stands, particularly traditional wooden standard lamps.

The pictures show the different looks each of the shades provides. Much of your choice is subjective but it is good to think about how much space you have for the stand and how dominant you want it to look in your room.

Standard sizes

Extra Large Light Shades

Four extra large light shade frames

Comparison of different shapes of extra large shades