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Guide to choosing a lampshade

Are you feeling overwhelmed about which lampshade would be the right one for  your lamp stand or room?

There are a number of choices and decisions to be made - but help is here!

Work your way through the points below to guide you in choosing the right lampshade.

1. Location. Where is the lampshade going to go? Is it for a ceiling or pendant light, a table top or a floor stand?

Your answer will help you think what the size and proportion you want for the space.

When it's time to checkout, you will also need to choose whether the shade is for the ceiling (with the bulb ring at the top of the shade) or for a table or floor stand (with the bulb ring towards the bottom of the shade.)

There is a pictorial guide about this difference in each lampshade listing.

2. Use. What are you going to be using the light for? Fabric table and floor lamps are perfect if you want to create ambiance.

If you want to use the light for reading or in an area that needs bright light such as a hallway or stairwell, ensure you take this into consideration when buying your shade.

Light toned fabric will always provide more light than darker colours.

The type of bulb you use is also important. I have a guide to light bulbs in 'Guides and Resources.'

3. Size.

Table lamps: There are no hard and fast guidelines about proportions here, but some experts advise that the shade should be about one third the height of the stand. In most cases the proportions will look better if the shade is large enough to cover the metal fittings of the stand.

If you can, try out a few different sized shades with your stand to find one that you like best.

Alternatively, if you have a neutral coloured shade that is the right proportion for your base, consider having it revamped. I offer a re-covering service that up- cycles existing light shades.

Ceiling light: Consider the size and dimensions of the room. If for example you have a high ceiling then a large barrel shade or drum will probably suit it best.

Also bear in mind any colour of beams or cornices etc.

4. Colour: Consider the colours and patterns already in your room and decide if you want to match them or, if you want to use the shade to provide some contrast or a pop of colour.

Take a look at 'Why buy a fabric shade' in the Resources and Guides for more on colour.

If you're in the Wellington area I am happy to come to your home with a range of stock and see what works well in terms of colour and size shade. Alternatively, bring your stand along to one of the markets we attend (see upcoming markets at the bottom left hand corner of the home page), or to my workshop (aka my home) to see the range of stock I have. You can find my details in "Find Us" - please ring ahead to make an appointment.