New Zealand bird badge – Shades at Grays
Three badges with three different birds, the fantail or pīwakawaka, the kererū or wood pigeon and the pukeko, or swamp hen.
One badge with the head of a kererū on an orange background and with a red berry.
Back of the badge, or pin, or brooch, showing bar and safety catch.
One badge with fantail or pīwakawaka sitting on a branch with an olive green background.
One badge with head and shoulders of a pukeko on an orange background.
Back of a badge with secure fastening, close up.
Shades at Grays

New Zealand bird badge

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Gorgeous pictures of some of New Zealand's best loved birds.

Wear nature with pride!

These badges are also a great gift for an overseas friend or visitor.

Buy one for $4.50 or get 3 for $12.

Made with a secure pin fitting to stop your badge falling off.

Each badge is 38 cm wide.

Thank you for supporting a small New Zealand business